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 Today I’m rounding up a few items I recently purchased and am loving. A few work for now but many of them are looking forward to spring or spring break. Even though we are still knee deep in winter weather I just can’t justify buying anymore winter pieces… ugh, I love my winter clothes but I’m so ready to be done with them! Let’s take a look at the pieces… 

cream woven bag, I’ve had this bag on my wishlist for a while now. The cream keeps selling out but I found it in stock for you. It’s the perfect spring sports, picnic, beach/pool, haul everything tote. I’ve also heard it’s machine washable… bonus!

pearl sandals, these are so beautiful in person and believe me will be the first thing I pack for spring break, I can’t wait to wear them as the weather warms!

velcro sneakers, I’ve been living in these lately. I’m having problems with my foot and I love that these are super chic and stylish while also being very comfortable. It’s like the best I could ask for!

relaxed denim shorts, I love to kick off the spring season with a new pair of denim shorts. This pair is perfectly relaxed and slouchy and fit so great. The denim is no stretch so they really have that designer look to them without the price tag. (these run big, I went with my smaller size)

coin necklace, I’m having a major moment with necklaces and while I usually go for more delicate options I’ve really been drawn to the more chunky necklaces lately. This one is so chic and goes with everything. You can wear it on it’s own or layered.

black belted dress, this dress is simple and stylish and I love that it’s super classic and easy to wear and also crazy affordable. I plan to absolutely live in dresses when the weather allows… I can’t wait. (true to size)

black blouse, another super simple and classic piece that feels expensive but is actually super affordable. I love this one! (true to size)

green shorts, I don’t love shorts but also they can be necessary for the super warm days. This pair is SO flattering. The perfect length and a high waist that really works well. (these run big, I went with my smaller size)

beige sweater, I’m so over my bulky wool sweaters… this cotton blend sweater is unbelievably soft and fluffy like a pillow in a really good way. It’s the perfect lighter weight sweater to transition to spring.

white demi boot crop jeans, I’m so ready for white jeans on the regular. I previously owned this pair and absolutely ran them into the ground after a few years… I’m so glad this style is back because I just snagged them again!

new arrivals for spring!

I’m all about these blue and creamy white hues for spring. Blue is such a universally flattering color and it’s a great color to transition into the warmer months.  You likely already have some blues and whites in your closet that you can start pulling out to make outfits feel more spring like until the warmer weather arrives. It’s the perfect time of year to start thinking spring with our clothing and all of these gorgeous pieces will make great staples for your spring travel and spring or summer weather. 

chambray dress, plaid smocked dress, tie shoulder floral top, white jeans, nude ballet mules, denim shorts, bow one shoulder swimsuit, button front cardigan, braided sandals, canvas tote, straw tote, striped sweater, square raffia earrings


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fresh handbags for spring!

Today I’ve got a really fun handbag round up for spring… I’m looking to add a new (or maybe two!?!) handbag to my closet this spring. In general, I prefer to invest in handbags because I love to know they will last year and years instead of just a few seasons. Some of these bags are definite investment pieces while others are in the middle range. I made sure to include few great budget buys in todays round up as well. 

I love the simplicity of this brown suede tote and while it’s great for spring it’s also quite season-less. I was sure to include plenty of straw totes, since they are my absolute favorite for the warmer months. This straw/leather tote is more of an investment while this white straw tote is a super budget friendly find. This suede clutch and Chloe tote are two that are at the tippy top of my wishlist right now… they are both so beautiful! I think a quilted cream shoulder bag is so classic for the warmer months too!

second row, from left: straw/leather totebeige duffel bagsuede clutch 


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styled x3: long sweater blazer!

 Today I’m styling up this gorgeous long sweater blazer into three outfits. I love pieces like this because they are so versatile and make any look pulled together. This long sweater blazer can be styled with leggings for an athleisure look, with jeans and sneakers for an everyday errands and mom duty or with a beautiful blouse and sandals for a casual spring date or work look. 

(above) leggings, sneakers, tote bag, tankhat

affordable and thoughtful hair care with Native & Walmart!

This post is sponsored by Walmart and ShopStyle Collective. All opinions are my own.
Thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog.
I’m super excited to share a recent beauty product I discovered that has been an instant favorite. I recently tried the Native hair care line from Walmart and I am in LOVE. The Native hair care line is thoughtfully formulated with less than 10 ingredients to make your hair look and feel it’s best. I love that the Native hair care line is formulated without parabens, sulfates, silicons or dyes. Each bottle lists the very limited ingredients and the purpose for each ingredient. I’m definitely a label reader when it comes to beauty products and I’m always on the lookout for safer beauty formulations. Native hair care is also cruelty-free and vegan.
I love that Native’s formulations also deliver when it comes to perfectly soft and manageable hair. Two things I noticed immediately is that the shampoo offers a really deep clean the first wash and without tangles. I often have to wash my hair twice after using dry shampoo and this shampoo washed it super clean the first time. I also struggle with tangled hair after the shower and I loved that getting a brush through my wet hair was super simple even without a detangler. All the Native hair care are UNDER $10 so it’s also budget friendly compared to most salon products.
My favorite so far has been the Almond & Shea Butter shampoo and conditioner. My husband loves the Cucumber & Mint shampoo and conditioner (wow, it smells so fresh!) and my daughter has already snagged the Coconut & Vanilla shampoo and conditioner from my shower to keep as her own. The whole family loves it! Walmart carries the entire Native hair care line and you can get FREE super fast 2-day shipping for all orders over $35. My order arrived in just 36 hours from when I placed it! Talk about fast!
And while you are stocking up on new shampoo and conditioner, be sure to check out this adorable cardigan that I am wearing too… it’s the perfect piece for early spring and is available in a few colors too! (I went up a size to medium)


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jillgg’s good life (for less)

 I will be the first to admit that YES, I am shocked that I fell in love with a pair of velcro sneakers… but this is where I am at right now guys. I had seem them on a few other gals and wondered if I could pull them off. When they arrived I realized ‘hey, these are pretty cute in person’ and when I tried them on, it was love at first sight. I love that they are so modern and of the moment… trendy sneakers just keep going and going as far as trends go, and I am here for it. 

This pair also runs a touch small for Veja sneakers. Which for me works really well because many of the Veja styles I’ve tried (I think I’ve tried seriously EVERY pair) seem to run big. I’m between a 6.5/7 and this pair is a 37. I also wear size 37 in Golden Goose and Birkenstocks. That’s how I know Veja run a little big because I’ve had other brands in size 37 fit great and many styles of the Veja don’t. This pair fits JUST right. Here I styled them into 6 outfits I love – they make me feel *much* cooler than I actually am, so I’m really feeling myself over here. Haha! Also, while other Veja styles can be very stiff or take a while to break in, I was pleasantly surprised that this pair is very comfortable right out of the box.


(above) Look 1

Simple classics like a striped button front top and sweater blazer are right on trend paired with these sneakers.

(above) Look 2

Sneakers and joggers are always a good idea. I love to throw in a slouchy sweater for a more pulled together athleisure look. 

(above) Look 3

Jeans and a button front top are such a quick and easy way to feel pulled together – paired with sneakers it makes for an easy everyday mom look.

(above) Look 4

I can’t wait until we can start wearing short sleeves again! These sneakers work great with spring looks too!

(above) Look 5

A sweatshirt and denim combo is always my favorite… it’s perfect to pair with sneakers too!

(above) Look 6

White jeans season is my favorite season… I’m waiting for some of the messy snow to melt before I officially dive in, but I love these sneakers with white jeans too!

spring finds under $100!

 Every day we are inching closer to SPRING… and as I type this on a cold and grey and snowy day I’m so thankful for window shopping for spring to keep me going on these long winter days. There are SO many cute and affordable pieces here as we transition to warmer weather including an adorable pair of distressed jeans,  pink and white (!!!) sneakers, my favorite shorts in a new re-imagined cut, fun spring-y jewelry, a great tote for spring sports mom duties and the cutest loafers.

 linen shorts, pink blouse, pink/white sneakers, distressed jeans, olive green tote, tassel loafersstriped dress, space dyed cardigan sweater, beaded necklace setgraphic tee, tortoise bracelet set


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#ootd 83!

Mood: Craving green and blue… preferably in the form of sunny skies and green grass. 


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new arrivals I’m loving!

 Today is a slightly random smattering of new arrivals I’m loving right now… they are all simple and classic. The twist is that they are a little all over the place as far as seasons go. I’ve got two feet in winter, but my mind is definitely wandering to spring. And it’s the same with retailers right now. The stores are stocking some transitional pieces for winter to spring but also A LOT of spring merchandise. And I have to say, I don’t mind one bit! Seeing sandals and straw totes and short sleeves is such a welcome reprieve from all the cold and snow we have here right now. So today I have a few pieces for now… and a few pieces for later. 

tank dress, tote with striped handles, striped sandals (on my spring break wishlist!), pointed flats, straight leg jeans (supposedly the brand & style Kate Middleton loves… they have been out of stock forever but are back!) , short sleeve bobble sweater, puff sleeve trench coat (too, too cute!), sweater vest/top (so cute with jeans & loafers for spring), striped half zip, straw tote (only $40!)

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