6 ways to style: sweater over the shoulder!

I’m starting to get a little antsy for fall weather. I know I will miss these sunny and warm days, but also… fall weather is such a nice change of pace after summer. I’m trying to make the most of summer and enjoy every moment. If you are feeling like you too are feeling a little ready for fall weather but still very much living in hot summer weather I’ve got a little outfit tip for you. 

For cool mornings and overly air conditioned spaces I’m loving an extra layer of a sweater or sweatshirt on the shoulders. It hints just a bit at fall, but also is practical if you show up to the grocery store with a tank and the air conditioned is too cold. It’s a similar vibe to a scarf… just a little something different. 

Let’s take a look at the outfits…

Outfit 1 (above)
shop the look: tee, jeans, similar sweater

Outfit 2 (above)
shop the look: jeans, striped top, sweater, bag is Polene

Outfit 3 (above)
shop the look: tee, sweater, shorts, tote

Outfit 4 (above)
shop the look: tank dress, sweater, tote (similar tote)

Outfit 5 (above)
shop the look: sweatshirt, tee, leggings

Outfit 6 (above)
shop the look: sweatshirt, sweatshirts, tank

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