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 I will be the first to admit that YES, I am shocked that I fell in love with a pair of velcro sneakers… but this is where I am at right now guys. I had seem them on a few other gals and wondered if I could pull them off. When they arrived I realized ‘hey, these are pretty cute in person’ and when I tried them on, it was love at first sight. I love that they are so modern and of the moment… trendy sneakers just keep going and going as far as trends go, and I am here for it. 

This pair also runs a touch small for Veja sneakers. Which for me works really well because many of the Veja styles I’ve tried (I think I’ve tried seriously EVERY pair) seem to run big. I’m between a 6.5/7 and this pair is a 37. I also wear size 37 in Golden Goose and Birkenstocks. That’s how I know Veja run a little big because I’ve had other brands in size 37 fit great and many styles of the Veja don’t. This pair fits JUST right. Here I styled them into 6 outfits I love – they make me feel *much* cooler than I actually am, so I’m really feeling myself over here. Haha! Also, while other Veja styles can be very stiff or take a while to break in, I was pleasantly surprised that this pair is very comfortable right out of the box.


(above) Look 1

Simple classics like a striped button front top and sweater blazer are right on trend paired with these sneakers.

(above) Look 2

Sneakers and joggers are always a good idea. I love to throw in a slouchy sweater for a more pulled together athleisure look. 

(above) Look 3

Jeans and a button front top are such a quick and easy way to feel pulled together – paired with sneakers it makes for an easy everyday mom look.

(above) Look 4

I can’t wait until we can start wearing short sleeves again! These sneakers work great with spring looks too!

(above) Look 5

A sweatshirt and denim combo is always my favorite… it’s perfect to pair with sneakers too!

(above) Look 6

White jeans season is my favorite season… I’m waiting for some of the messy snow to melt before I officially dive in, but I love these sneakers with white jeans too!

6 ways to style: plaid shirt!

 It’s that FESTIVE time of year and I’m excited to bring you some great everyday looks that are perfect for dressing up or down for the holidays. Sometimes we need an extra special outfit for a celebration or event but other times we just want a little dash of plaid for our everyday looks to keep us in the holiday spirit. Whatever you prefer I have a look just for you! From distressed jeans to winter whites to a twirly skirt I have it all for you today! Let’s take a look at the outfits…

Oh, but first let’s chat this plaid shirt. It’s the perfect classic plaid and nice and crisp. I went with a size 4, fits like a small.

Outfit 1 (above)
This plaid shirt is great for layering for just a pop of plaid. I love it with a half zip sweater for a cozy everyday look. 
Shop the look: plaid shirt (I’m in a size 4, fits like a small), sweater, jeans, boots

Outfit 2 (above)
I can never resist a little winter white this time of year. It’s just so pretty and these jeans are the perfect creamy white. Paired with a sweater around the shoulders this is a preppy and festive look for a casual get together.
Shop the look: plaid shirt (I’m in a size 4, fits like a small), jeans (similar, original color “vintage canvas” is sold out), sweater, mules

Outfit 3 (above)
Looking for a simple everyday look that’s casual but festive? Loafers, distressed jeans and a cardigan are perfect for everyday wear with plaid.
Shop the look: plaid shirt (I’m in a size 4, fits like a small), jeans, loafers, cardigan

Outfit 4 (above)
Super cozy AND festive this sherpa paired with boots is the perfect winter outfit for December!
Shop the look: plaid shirt (I’m in a size 4, fits like a small), jeans, boots, sherpa, hat

Outfit 5 (above)
Perfect for the office or a holiday happy hour I love pairing a sweater blazer with black jeans for a sleek and classic holiday outfit. 
Shop the look: plaid shirt (I’m in a size 4, fits like a small), jeans, sweater blazer (runs big, go down one size), flats

Outfit 6 (above)
Dress a plaid shirt up for a holiday part with a pleated skirt! It’s so easy and fun to wear and this outfit comes together in a snap. 
Shop the look: plaid shirt (I’m in a size 4, fits like a small), similar skirt, heels

6 ways to style: joggers for fall!

These joggers have been a bestseller all month. I just LOVE them and wear them a lot and they were featured in the October Capsule as well. I’ve gotten lots of inquiries on more ways to style them. Today I’ve got some really fun and easy outfit ideas with joggers for fall. Todays outfits are some simple ways to dress up your joggers a little. I’m all for making pulled together looks very comfortable, so these looks are the perfect balance. 

I love these joggers because they are super flattering, they fit a little more like a legging up top with some compression. And then they are nice and slim through the leg and the fabric doesn’t easily bag out in the knees which I really appreciate. I went down a size in these joggers. I’m in the size x-small. 

(above) Look 1
I love this preppy look. Joggers with a casual button front top and sneakers are a great mom on the go look. It’s made to be more casual with the sleeves cuffed and sweater thrown over the shoulders.
Shop the look: joggers, top, sweater (less expensive option), sneakers, bag is Polene
(above) Look 2
Elevated athleisure is one of my favorite styles to wear. This sweater/sweatshirt combo with a jacket and sneakers is great for moms on the go or attending sporting events. It’s pulled together but super comfortable.
Shop the look: joggers, sneakers, tote, jacket, sweatshirt

(above) Look 3
A boxy sweater and joggers is a great silhouette for weekends and fall activities. I love it with sneakers and a crossbody bag for running errands and hanging with the kids.

(above) Look 4
A shirt-jacket pairs really well with joggers for a trendy fall look. I love these fur lined Birkenstocks for fall, they are surprisingly warm and of course so comfortable. 

(above) Look 5
I love throwing a long jacket over joggers because it’s instantly dressed up without really any effort. I paired it with a cashmere sweater which layers so well for warm layers when the days get colder.

(above) Look 6
I love a half zip sweater, which are so trendy right now, with a lightweight jacket. I actually just wore a similar combo to my sons soccer game recently and it was perfect as the sun was setting to keep warm. It’s a great combo.
Shop the look: joggers, sweater, jacketbirkenstocks

6 ways to style: white jeans for fall!

 No white past Labor Day is a rule I’ve never gotten behind… I mean, who cares? I love this sweet spot between hot summer days and those really cold fall days where kind of anything goes. White jeans with sweaters, sandals with sweaters, shorts with long sleeve tops… it all works! 

Wearing white jeans for fall is a favorite of mine. It feels fresh and a little rebellious and is also that last gasp of summer vibes before we head deep into the dark months. 

Today I pulled together 6 fun looks for wearing white jeans this fall, let’s take a look at all the outfits…

Outfit 1 (above & below)
Simple and classic I love white with this walnut/brown color. It hints at fall but works for these warm afternoons we’ve been having.
Shop the look: jacket, similar top, jeans, loafers, bag

Outfit 2 (above & below)
White on white – especially creamy whites – are perfect for a late summer/early fall outfit. This sweater is cottony and so soft so it’s perfect for cool mornings and warm afternoons. 
Shop the look: sweater (mens sizing, I went with my usual size for an oversized fit), jeanssimilar loafers, bag is Polene

Outfit 3 (above & below)
I love a sporty look with white jeans too! It’s perfect for errands and busy mom days!

Outfit 4 (above & below)
Stripes and white jeans are a classic combo that I just love so much. This is a perfect business casual look or for meeting friends for lunch. This is another sweater that is cotton-y and perfect for these late summer days.
Shop the look: sweater (runs small, I went up a size), jeans, tote, similar flats

Outfit 5 (above & below)
White jeans with a blazer is so chic for fall. This is another perfect zoom or office look but also just comfortable enough to just wear for errands.
Shop the look: blazer (runs big), topjeans, loafers, bag

Outfit 6 (above & below)
White jeans with a denim jacket is a favorite spring and summer combo of mine. This works so well for fall with a lightweight sweater too!
Shop the look: sweater, denim jacketjeans, flats

style session: how to style clogs for fall!

 How do you feel about clogs? I wore them quite a bit maybe 10 years ago when they made a small resurgence in popularity. I remember wanting a pair so bad when they were super in style in the 90s if I remember correctly. I just LOVE the look of them and think they have such classic appeal.

I was VERY excited to see that they are popping up all over my favorite retailers for fall this year. Again, they are so classic and iconic which makes them irresistible in my opinion. I’m excited to style clogs this fall and try lots of fun outfits with them. 

I recently bought this pair of clogs and LOTS of you requested some styling ideas for them for fall… here are some early ideas and since I plan on wearing them a lot this season there will be more where this came from!

(above) With distressed straight leg jeans and an oversized sweater these clogs perfectly straddle the line of perfectly on trend and oh so classic. Sweaters and jeans are my fall go-to combo so slipping on a pair of clogs will make for an easy fall look.
Shop the look: sweater, jeansclogs, bag is Polene

(above) Mom jeans and a button cardigan are two big trends this fall. I just LOVE this combo and I’m counting down until the weather is cool enough to wear this look. Clogs give this look a very chic casual vibe that I love. 
Shop the look: sweater, jeansclogs, necklace & necklace

(above) They work for transitional summer to fall looks as well. I just LOVE them with white jeans and a preppy Oxford top. This look is so easy for everyday wear, running errands, work or zooms at home. 
Shop the look: top, jeansclogs, tote
(above) Clogs work well for a business casual look too! With a sweater blazer and skinny jeans they are perfect for a day in the office and mom duties after hours. 

6 ways to style: sweater over the shoulder!

I’m starting to get a little antsy for fall weather. I know I will miss these sunny and warm days, but also… fall weather is such a nice change of pace after summer. I’m trying to make the most of summer and enjoy every moment. If you are feeling like you too are feeling a little ready for fall weather but still very much living in hot summer weather I’ve got a little outfit tip for you. 

For cool mornings and overly air conditioned spaces I’m loving an extra layer of a sweater or sweatshirt on the shoulders. It hints just a bit at fall, but also is practical if you show up to the grocery store with a tank and the air conditioned is too cold. It’s a similar vibe to a scarf… just a little something different. 

Let’s take a look at the outfits…

Outfit 1 (above)
shop the look: tee, jeans, similar sweater

Outfit 2 (above)
shop the look: jeans, striped top, sweater, bag is Polene

Outfit 3 (above)
shop the look: tee, sweater, shorts, tote

Outfit 4 (above)
shop the look: tank dress, sweater, tote (similar tote)

Outfit 5 (above)
shop the look: sweatshirt, tee, leggings

Outfit 6 (above)
shop the look: sweatshirt, sweatshirts, tank

6 ways to style mom jeans!

The mom-jean trend is here to stay… I’m not ditching my skinny jeans any time soon, but I do love this trend. I always feel hip and pulled together when I wear mom-jeans. I will say it’s not a style that everyone feels totally comfortable with right away. It definitely took me some time to get used to the feel and look of them. 

Today I am styling the Agolde Riley – I have this style in two other pairs and they are all quite different. This pair is no-stretch. I go with my bigger size in these jeans. If you are between sizes, I recommend going up a size. What I have learned with the no-stretch jeans by Agolde is that they won’t stretch, of course, but they do start to form to your body as you wear them. They take a few wears to break in and once they do, they feel so great. I love that you can dress them up or dress them down… let’s take a look at the outfits!

Outfit 1 (above)
These jeans work so well for mom on the go looks… just a simple tee and slides for everyday wear is instantly chic with mom jeans.
Shop the look: jeans, tee, slides, sunglasses, bag is Polene

Outfit 2 (above)
The mom jeans work great for work too with a simple sweater blazer and flats. I just LOVE this look!

Outfit 3 (above)
I’m having a MOMENT with button front tops, I want to wear them everyday. I’ve realized that I like them a little oversized. They are lightweight so they work for summer with the sleeves rolled up and they are so effortless and always look pulled together. 
Shop the look: jeans, top, loafers, bag

Outfit 4 (above)
Mom jeans are a staple for everyday for me with just a tank and sandals for summer. They are perfect for patio dining or date night. 

Outfit 5 (above)
I love pairing a simple summer sweater with these jeans for working from home and running errands.
Shop the look: jeans, sweater, sandals, tote, sunglasses

Outfit 6 (above)
I love these jeans styled more sporty too with sneakers and stripes. It’s a great mom uniform!
Shop the look: jeans, sneakers, tank, bag, bag strap

6 ways to style: blue linen top!

 It’s been a HOT minute since I’ve done a 6 ways to style! I’m excited to be back with a new styling session today – I had fun pulling these looks together and I hope you find some inspiration here today. This blue linen top was an INSTANT favorite when I first tried it on (try on session here). I’ve been in love with a similar white linen top for years and this year I was excited to add this blue linen top to my closet.  This top is super oversized and has a relaxed fit. I went down a size to size 0 and it’s still quite large. So keep that in mind if you are thinking of adding this top to your closet. This is the relaxed fit, you can also find the same top in more fitted silhouette here.  And don’t forget you can always access ALL the past 6 ways to style posts here for tons of outfit inspiration!

Let’s take a look at the outfits…

Outfit 1 (above)
Linen meets linen with my all time favorite shorts for summer. They are lightweight and comfortable to wear (hello, elastic waistband!) and are super mom friendly. The perfect lightweight outfit for a day of errands or work from home.
Shop the look: linen top (runs big, I went down a size), shorts (runs big, I went down a size), birkenstocks, bag is Polene, sunglasses,  similar necklace, coin necklace, watch band

Outfit 2 (above)
A favorite and classic combo is blue and white for summer. I could wear this combo nearly everyday! It’s easy to wear and the whole thing is machine washable… just in case 😉 This look is instantly pulled together without being fussy. 
Shop the look: linen top (runs big, I went down a size), white jeans, sandals, bagsunglasses,  similar necklacecoin necklacewatch band

Outfit 3 (above)
For sitting at kids sports, coffee runs, mornings at the park – just throw on this simple combo. Linen with denim shorts is the ultimate summer look!
Shop the look: linen top (runs big, I went down a size), shorts (here or here), hat, slides (or less expensive), sunglasses,  similar necklacecoin necklacewatch band

Outfit 4 (above)
Sporty mom on the go is here and she’s ready for whatever the day brings. Extra layers, sneakers, comfortable jeans… this outfit is ready for anything. And the summer days bring just about anything so it’s perfect timing! 
Shop the look: linen top (runs big, I went down a size), sweater/sweatshirt, jeans, sneakerssunglasses,  similar necklacecoin necklacewatch band

Outfit 5 (above)
Summer meets casual office chic with black jeans and a sweater blazer. This outfit is ready to head back to the office or hit the zooms.
Shop the look: linen top (runs big, I went down a size), sweater blazer (runs big, size down), jeans, loafers,  sunglassessimilar necklacecoin necklacewatch band

Outfit 6 (above)
Ready for the beach or the pool I love this top as a lightweight swim cover up! It’s ready for summer!
Shop the look: linen top (runs big, I went down a size), similar swimsuithat, totesunglassessimilar necklacecoin necklacewatch band

style session: everlane utility jacket!

 I’ve been wearing this utility jacket from Everlane on repeat. I love that the color isn’t the usual army green color, this is more of a rusty brown. It’s a color that is surprisingly easy to style and I love that it’s a breath of fresh air in my closet. I’m in my usual size small here, which is maybe a touch oversized. If you are between sizes you could size down or if you wanted it a bit for fitted you could also go down a size. It’s lightweight and unlined but is the perfect weight for spring.  

I’ve found it’s so easy to throw over almost any outfit and today I’ve got six ways to style it that I think you will love… 

Outfit 1 (above)
Lightweight sweaters work great with this jacket, especially for the cooler spring days. I love this look for errands and working around the house.

Outfit 2 (above)
The sweater/jacket/jeans combo is definitely a go-to for me. I love this jacket paired with black, it looks so sharp.
Outfit 3 (above)
I’m never going to be over sweats! This wide leg sweatsuit looks and feels like a jumpsuit and it’s easy to throw a little jacket over top to dress it up!

Outfit 4 (above)
This jacket works great with an athleisure look too… it’s the perfect length with leggings!
Outfit 5 (above)
I love this jacket with white jeans too… it’s a great spring look. 

Outfit 6 (above)
Shorts season is coming! I love a little jacket with shorts for those chilly spring or summer mornings.

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