top 10 Amazon finds for 2021!

 Today I’m chatting all things Amazon with a big round up of the Amazon best sellers from the past year. Who can resist an amazing Amazon find? These items are definitely the best of the best too! Items I own and love and that you all loved this year too! From some pretty amazing sweaters to some gorgeous everyday jewelry to great basics like my favorite bras, all these items are vetted and loved by me! I think you will love them too…

gold bracelet set – the dainty jewelry trend was BIG in 2021 and these simple bracelets are pretty and affordable. I love that they don’t get super tangled either!

rose gold Apple Watch band – this is probably my most asked question… you all wanted to know about this watch band all year! I wear mine every day and even for workouts, it’s adjustable and has held up great. I think mine is about a year old and starting to look a little scratched on the underside but otherwise it’s held up amazing.

true & co. bra – my all time favorite bra! I have several of these and love them so much. It’s so comfortable and easy to wear with everything in my closet!

initial necklace – this cutie necklace is such a classic and makes for a great gift too! 

clear makeup bag – I love these bags – they used to come in more colors but it looks like only white now. They are super affordable and great for everything from makeup to chargers to snacks to keep your bag organized.

gold huggie earrings – I’m not a huge earring person but I’m loving the huggie earring trend because they are so comfortable to wear and don’t feel heavy or irritate my ears. This pair is adorable!

muslin throw blanket – this blanket is gorgeous in person, perfectly lightweight for the warmer months around the house!

cable knit sweater – this is actually a mens sweater, I went with my usual size for an oversized fit. The fabric is so soft and NO itch!

puff sleeve sweatshirt – this was a 2021 favorite in my closet and sadly I had a great one that got a terrible stain (I’m terrible with spills, oops!). If you love the puff sleeve trend, this is a great affordable piece!

striped henley sweater – this is an absolute diamond! I just LOVE this sweater, it’s even prettier in person and so soft. I went up a size. Not sure why the model is wearing it off her shoulder like that… haha, I think just wearing it normal is best. ūüėČ

jillgg’s good life (for less)

¬†Today I’ve got a round up of some sweaters that I just LOVE from Amazon from previous seasons that are BACK in stock! I was recently organizing sweaters and pulling out some fall and winter pieces from their storage and when I pulled out these Amazon sweaters I fell in love with them all over again. They are classics! ¬†They are also super affordable and have held up well over multiple seasons so it’s worth featuring them again here.

If you want to see more of my Amazon favorites from the archives… click HERE. Let’s take a look at the sweaters and some outfits…¬†

Sizing: True to size, I am in my usual size small.

Thoughts: I just love the gold button detail on the neck (hard to see here, but check out the website) and the bold stripes that are so classic and very on trend for fall. This sweater looks so cute layered with a jacket!

Sizing: Runs big, I went down to an XS.

Thoughts: This is such a favorite and for many seasons. I think this one is maybe 3 years old. It’s perfectly oversized and super warm and great for cool days. I love this one with leggings, today I paired it with jeans – both work!

Sizing: Runs big, I went with a small for this one. (it’s the same sweater as above in a different color & size)

Thoughts: Loved it so much I bough it twice! I will admit the black one definitely shows dog hair worse (ugh, that’s life) it’s also one of my favorites. Perfectly oversized and slouchy for fall and winter. This is another one that works great with leggings.

Sizing: Runs big, I’m in an XS.

Thoughts: This is another one that is great with leggings. I love the ribbed fabric and drapey look to it. I will say this one does not look anything like the photo online, so keep that in mind. This one works really well with leggings, it’s so perfectly oversized.

Sizing: Runs big, I went down a size to XS and it’s still nicely oversized.

Thoughts: This sweater is similar to a popular Free People sweater and is a great option at a lower price point. I love the timeless Holly Golightly vibe of it… especially with jeans and flats.

jillgg’s good life (for less)

I am having a *moment* with jewelry right now… and especially delicate gold pieces and layered necklaces. It’s feels like a little extra fancy layer now that life seems more normal and I am getting out more. Some of my favorites finds are super budget friendly pieces from Amazon and are also huge fan favorites. I thought I would round them all up into one blog post for easy shopping for you all! I highly recommend all of these, they have held up great and I wear them all quite regularly.

If you are loving my Amazon picks you can see all my Amazon finds from the archives here

I have seen so many gals on Instagram wearing these delicate bracelets and they always look so pretty. I was afraid they would tangle easily, so I went for the budget version with an Amazon find. Turns out they don’t really tangle! They are super comfortable to wear and I love the look!

I’m not a huge earring person, so these tiny¬†delicate earrings¬†are perfect for everyday wear while being simple and classic and not heavy at all. They are a new favorite for fall!
I’m loving the¬†layered necklace¬†trend but I’m often a little stumped on what necklaces to layer with what. That’s why little sets like these are perfect for me – the guess work is done for you! This J pendant is also reversible to kind of starburst pattern so you can wear it either way.

I probably get the most questions about this piece! Everyone loves a good Apple Watch Band and this one is such a good deal. It also holds up really well. I’ve worn it everyday since I got it and it’s got a few worn spots but still looks great. For mom duties, to work, to workouts… I’m wearing it all the time. My husband also got the same one to match his Apple Watch and loves it too. I will also note that I’ve found the ‘rose gold’ Apple Watch the hardest to color match when buying bands and this one is near perfect match!

I’m definitely a minimalist when it comes to jewelry and these are so easy and classic to throw on with a dress or sweater for a dressed up look. You can wear them all or just a few and the entire set is such a good deal.¬†

jillgg’s good life (for less)

I have some AWESOME ¬†Amazon finds for your today. I go through streaks with Amazon and it’s seems like I’m on a hot one now. Also with back to school it seems like there are extra Amazon orders coming to our house for kids stuff, etc and I’m always guilty of throwing in a few things for myself on each order too. Eek – maybe I should be better about that. Either way, I’ve got some really great finds and you know, there is always one rogue in the group with Amazon too… let’s take a look at the pieces, it’s a pretty big round up today!

Sizing: The hat is one size, but it has a size adjuster on the inside which is easy to use to adjust it perfectly to your head size. Sweater runs a little small, I went up a size to medium for more room.

Thoughts: These are definitely the star of the show today… this sweater was a little wrinkly from the package when I eagerly tried it on, but trust me… it’s an instant fall staple! Super soft and cottony with NO itch and a gorgeous chunky knit, I instantly fell in love. I’m so excited for sweater weather. Let’s chat about this hat! This style seems to be everywhere for fall and the price is definitely right. It’s super affordable and cute and can be worn for warmth or sun shade or just for a fun accent piece all around town this fall, I’m thinking it will be great for sports events, the pumpkin patch and family fun around town on the weekends.

This little gem is another instant favorite. It’s a great size for around the house or the cupholder in the car and I just LOVE how many colors are available. I’ve been trying to eliminate plastics as much as I can, especially for everyday use items and this glass water bottle is perfect. I put in in the dishwasher but hand wash the wood top. My daughter loved it so much she requested one too! And I definitely think a new water bottle is great inspiration for drinking more water. It helps me, at least!

Sizing: I went up a size to a medium and it’s still small and fits weird. Also the neck is very tight.

Thoughts: I’m not a fan. You win some and you lose some on Amazon. This just isn’t for me. The fabric is soft and the color is beautiful but I’ll take a no-thank-you on this one.


My daughter wanted some of these and I have to admit I wanted some too! These remind me of high school and early college… I wore my hair in one of these almost every day! My daughter and I split the package… so there are more when you buy them. This was my fair share. I have to say, I’ve definitely been enjoying wearing them again!

I’m BIG into jewelry these days… after so long staying home, it feels extra fancy to wear some earrings or a necklace or bracelets. Even if I’m still at home or especially if I am leaving the house, I feel so much more pulled together. ¬†This initial necklace set is SO good and so pretty on. Plus I love that it’s a set so it’s a real no-brainer. And these delicate hoop earrings look so high end, but are crazy affordable and so pretty. Both big winners here!

After my daughter saw some of these at Target included in a planner (she didn’t want the planner, just the stickers!) I searched Amazon for some and found the CUTEST planner and back to school stickers. These are SUCH a hot trend for teens and tweens right now and if it helps them get organized and feel good about learning after two nightmare school years, well, I’ll take it. I got the planner stickers for myself and the back to school stickers for my daughter (not shown, because they were immediately ferreted to her room – but trust me, they are adorable!). I highly recommend both!

Sizing: This is a men’s small. Fits like a women’s medium. Fits slightly long due to the mens sizing.

Thoughts: I was looking for a cable knit sweater on Amazon and this mens option came up in my search results. I took the risk and it’s a BIG WINNER. It’s super soft and cottony, with NO itch and I really can’t tell you how great this fabric is. It’s the perfect borrowed from the boys look.¬†

recent Amazon finds!

Today I’m rounding up some recent Amazon finds I am loving. From a new favorite sun hat to a great organizing product to outdoor items… it’s all here. Not pictured is this new expanding garden hose which is great for small spaces. We have quite a small outdoor living area and we had a HUGE hose out there taking up a ton of space. This one is nice and compact but expands when in use. I also bought this outdoor firewood rack since our wood for the solo stove was getting messy. This way it’s not sitting on the ground if it rains and it looks so much more tidy too. Also not shown are these ankle socks – I love a really thick sock for tennis and it’s hard to find really supportive thick socks that also don’t cost a fortune. My daughter loves these too… so I’ve already ordered them twice!

Okay… now let’s take a look at some new favorites!

(above) sun hat
I LOVE this sun hat. I also own this hat by the same brand and both are such high quality for an amazing price. They pack well and never look rumpled and they can get wet too (I try not to get mine wet but hey – it happens at the beach or pool!). I love the leather-look belt on this one… I highly recommend.
Shown with: sweater, shorts
(above & below) decorative glass beads
File under things that are totally not necessary but that make me happy! These beads are gorgeous and really are frivolous and unnecessary – but I’m a big fan. They bring a nice touch of color and texture to this little entry way table.

Hobnail glasses keep catching my eye, but every time I went to shop them they were plastic – which is great for outdoor entertaining but I wanted something more for indoors and longer lasting. I found these gorgeous glass hobnail drinking glasses and they are a great price and so beautiful in person! I’ve been sipping iced tea and even a cocktail out of them recently. 

(above & below) hanging woven baskets
I craved a little refresh in our bathroom recently and replaced some framed art for these woven baskets on the wall. The framed art will find a new spot in the house (the frames need to be replaced) and in it’s place I love this more minimal and trendier look with the baskets. They were super easy to hang, I simply did a nail straight through the center into the drywall. They are very lightweight so I only used small picture frame nails. I love the fresh and modern feel.

(above & below) tea organizer
Tea or coffee? For me it’s tea! And while I don’t drink a ton of tea in the summer (minus iced tea) my tea drawer was super messy until I snagged these organizers. It’s so much tidier than having a bunch of tea in boxes that are half empty. Plus, now I can see how many tea packets I have without going through tons of boxes. This is a tea lovers dream!
Shown with: SMEG tea kettle

recent amazon finds!

 I’ve got a great Amazon round up today… I’ve ordered a few things here and there for the house or for myself and thought I would round them all up for you today! There are some really great gems here. I haven’t ordered a lot of home items from Amazon, but WOW there are SO many great home decor pieces available on Amazon. It’s really easy (and fun!) to go down a rabbit hole and get totally lost in some super unique pieces. I love that so much of it is really affordable and also so unique. 

There is a mix of home goods and some accessories here… let’s take a look!

(above & below) wood bowl
This wood bowl is perfect for holding remotes on the coffee table or for keys at the back door. It’s so beautiful in person!
Also shown: table, sofa, pillow & pillow

This is a very close option if you love the more expensive Truffle bags. There are a few differences from the one I own – this one is a little bigger, with a handle and slightly stiffer leather. Overall, it’s gorgeous and it’s a true Amazon gem. I’m gong to snag a few more of these!

(above) tea towels
My kids DESTROY kitchen towels… any one else!?!? Haha. Post-pandemic with them having spent WAY too much time at home over the past year I need to replace a lot of things (the carpet comes to mind!) but these are a small way to freshen up the kitchen for spring.

I just LOVE delicate bracelets on other gals I see on Instagram but they can be expensive and I was worried they would just tangle really bad. I snagged this set for super inexpensive to give the trend a try. I’m happy to report that they don’t tangle (doesn’t that seem like a miracle?) and I’ve worn them almost every day since I bought them. I love the way they look!

My cookbooks haven’t really had a place to sit out in this house since we moved here. I finally had an aha moment to put them on the shelves in the entry way since they are so pretty – but needed bookends. These are solid marble (or seem to be!?!? they are super heavy) and were such a great price.

(above) gauze blanket
I have wanted one of these for so long! Target had one that kept selling out and a few very expensive brands have a similar option but I wasn’t up for spending that much. This one is super affordable and soft. The dog loves curling up on it and it’s the perfect lightweight for a little summer afternoon nap. (all bedroom sources are linked here)

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