Korean Daily Fashion – Official Korean Fashion

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Email: [email protected]
WhatsApp: +1(765) 705-0044


Korean Daily Fashion – Official Korean Fashion

Korean Daily Fashion
Going out with friends – Casual Look

Yellow T-shirt, Denim Jeans, Red Converse Sneakers, Red Bandana.
Blue Singlet, White shirt, Denim Jeans, White Sandals.

White T-shirt, Maroon Slacks, White Converse Sneakers

Teal Long Sleeve Top, Denim Shorts, White Sneakers
White T-shirt, Denim Strap Dress, Black Converse Sneakers

Green Singlet Top, Denim Short, Brown Sandals

Long White T-shirt, White Sneakers, Black Converse Sneakers

Orange Striped Blouse, Maroon Slacks, Beige Sandals

White Graphic T-shirt, Red Checkered Mini Skirt with Belt

Orange Singlet and Cardigan, Denim Shorts, Beige Platform Sandals

White Graphic T-shirt, Denim Shorts, Black Converse Sneakers, Black Sunglasses
White Graphic T-shirt, Green Trousers, White Sneakers

Orange Graphic T-shirt, Denim Shorts, Black Converse Sneakers
White See-Through Top, Brown Trousers, Brown Sandals

White Lace Belly Button Singlet, Ripped Denim Jeans, Beige Sandals

Brown Linen Shirt, Denim Skirt, Brown Sandals

Brown Singlet, Long Mustard Skirt, Brown Sandals

White Blouse Top, Denim Shorts, Black Gladiator Sandals

Wine T-shirt, Denim Shorts, Brown Sandals

Purple Long Sleeve Top, Ripped Denim Shorts, White Sneakers

White T-shirt, Dotted Black Skirt, Black Loafers

White Printed T-shirt, Denim Skirt, Black Converse Sneakers

Blue Patterned Shirt, Denim Skinny Jeans, Black Sandals

White T-shirt, Denim Suspender, Black Converse Sneakers
Beige Off Shoulder Blouse, Black Skinny Jeans, Black Sandals
Photo credits: Marishe

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