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 I’m so thankful for my kids being back to school. After two pretty rocky school years in our household, this year is thankfully off to a great start. Both kids are digging in, love being back in a routine and generally our entire household is running so much smoother with a routine. But keeping that routine going can be super overwhelming, for me at least! Homemade dinner and sports schedules and early, early mornings are a lot to juggle with my own commitments and it’s easy to feel the pinch. With teens in the house the bedtimes are getting later and later – both theirs and mine – and it’s not long before I feel like I’m burning the candle at both ends. Add in the challenge to get a good nights sleep in your 40s (its a THING, ugh) and the whole thing can go south pretty quickly. 

For me, sleep is huge. I am not a great human being when I don’t sleep well and I tend to suffer from bouts of anxiety here and there that don’t make it better – especially over the past year and a half. I started taking Equilibria for sleep and a general feeling of calm in January of 2020. Along with walking, it’s been one of my absolute lifelines throughout the pandemic. I’m incredibly thankful for my CBD routine with Equilibria

If you have never tried CBD but are curious about it, Equilibria is such a great place to start. Women founded, they are keenly in tune with the needs of women and are working to bring calm and overall well being to their clients through high quality CBD products. I just love their mission and their team of amazing women. Plus, they have so many products there is truly something for everyone! I have a huge Q & A post from last fall with Equilibria about their products, so definitely check that out! Since then, they have so many new products so I thought I would do a quick refresher here of what I am using and loving from Equilibria… plus, their Labor Day Sale launches today so you can get 20% off sitewide (for everyone) + 15% off that is stackable with the sale for new clients with my code: Jill.gottlgeason 

I highly recommend taking their QUIZ – it’s easy and quick and will help identify which products are best for your needs. Then once you get your products in the mail and try them, you can schedule a FREE one on one consultation with a dosage specialist to make sure you are getting the most out of your Equilibria products. These calls are so fun and informative and not sales-y or pushy at all. They seriously have the smartest and kindest team ready to help you!

Here are some of my favorites and why I love them… but don’t get overwhelmed but the options. Again, I highly recommend the quiz to get personalized suggestions before you order!

Gel Capsules

I take one softgel capsules before bed each night to help stay asleep all night. I try never to skip a night but if I do accidentally forget to take one, I can totally tell with my sleep quality the next day. A tip I learned from my dosage consult is that these softgels are fat soluble so a little bite of dark chocolate taken with them helps absorption. And I have to say, a little dark chocolate before bed is as great nighttime ritual. 😉


This was the first CBD product I tried and while I do still use them from time to time I have to say that the gummies have almost entirely replaced the drops for me (more about them below) since the gummies are just so much easier to take. 

Calming Melts

I keep these in my purse for more acute stress. They work super fast and if I’m having a hectic day or find myself feeling like my anxiety is creeping in from running late to an appointment or whatever the day brings, I love having these on me!


These are brand new and I’ve been using them for a little over a week now. I used to take the drops for the hectic afternoons when dinner needs to be made, the kids need to be driven a million places and the house is just HECTIC. Lately I’ve done a gummy in the early afternoon and I feel much calmer for the crazy after school routine.

Relief Balm

This is a MUST HAVE for aches and pains and even headaches. I use this for a sore neck, any aches and pains from tennis or even for headaches. It smells amazing and just the scent is calming but it also helps with pain almost on contact too. My husband LOVES this stuff and also uses it regularly after workouts. 

Don’t forget to use code: Jill.gottgleason for an additional 15% off your first order!

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