Korean Winter Hats – Official Korean Fashion

Korean Winter Hats

Different ways to style in hats 

Leopard Style Beret

Orange Knitted Beanie

Leopard Beanie

White Wool Helmet Hat

Mustard Knitted Beanie

Black Wool Beret

Fluffy White Bucket Hat

Beige Knitted Beanie

Beige Wool Beret

Brown Knitted Beanie

White Bucket Hat

Brown Knitted Beanie

Grey Wool Beret with Broch

Korean Fashion Trend: Jan 2018

Korean Fashion Trend: Monthly Update

Jan 2018

It’s freezing cold in Korea with an average temperature of -6 degrees.

The current fashion trend in Korea at the moment are these long padding jumpes which comes down below the knee providing warmth.

There are different types of long padding jumpes but black and white are the most popular colors.

Popular brands are: New Balance, Discovery, FILA, lecoq, Eidder and K2.

Check out some pictures of K-celebrities in Long paddings jumpers!

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