6 ways to style: joggers for fall!

These joggers have been a bestseller all month. I just LOVE them and wear them a lot and they were featured in the October Capsule as well. I’ve gotten lots of inquiries on more ways to style them. Today I’ve got some really fun and easy outfit ideas with joggers for fall. Todays outfits are some simple ways to dress up your joggers a little. I’m all for making pulled together looks very comfortable, so these looks are the perfect balance. 

I love these joggers because they are super flattering, they fit a little more like a legging up top with some compression. And then they are nice and slim through the leg and the fabric doesn’t easily bag out in the knees which I really appreciate. I went down a size in these joggers. I’m in the size x-small. 

(above) Look 1
I love this preppy look. Joggers with a casual button front top and sneakers are a great mom on the go look. It’s made to be more casual with the sleeves cuffed and sweater thrown over the shoulders.
Shop the look: joggers, top, sweater (less expensive option), sneakers, bag is Polene
(above) Look 2
Elevated athleisure is one of my favorite styles to wear. This sweater/sweatshirt combo with a jacket and sneakers is great for moms on the go or attending sporting events. It’s pulled together but super comfortable.
Shop the look: joggers, sneakers, tote, jacket, sweatshirt

(above) Look 3
A boxy sweater and joggers is a great silhouette for weekends and fall activities. I love it with sneakers and a crossbody bag for running errands and hanging with the kids.

(above) Look 4
A shirt-jacket pairs really well with joggers for a trendy fall look. I love these fur lined Birkenstocks for fall, they are surprisingly warm and of course so comfortable. 

(above) Look 5
I love throwing a long jacket over joggers because it’s instantly dressed up without really any effort. I paired it with a cashmere sweater which layers so well for warm layers when the days get colder.

(above) Look 6
I love a half zip sweater, which are so trendy right now, with a lightweight jacket. I actually just wore a similar combo to my sons soccer game recently and it was perfect as the sun was setting to keep warm. It’s a great combo.
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style session: how to style ankle boots with jeans!

Today I am answering a super popular reader question about jeans and ankle boots! Everyone LOVES ankle boots for fall and winter and when they first reached popularity the jean du jour was skinny jeans… but fast forward to today and the jean styles are all over the place! There is a lot of unchartered territory with jeans and ankle boots these days. I’ve been getting so many questions about what jeans you can wear with ankle boots now that there are SO many styles. From skinny to straight leg to slim leg – what works?? 

I tried on my new suede ankle boots with some of my most favorite jeans recently to do some hardcore research into what jeans work with ankle boots this fall. I myself wasn’t even sure how this little experiment would work – it’s all new territory for me too! So here are my unofficial/official research results. I tried ankle boots with 5 of my most favorite pairs of jeans and are you ready for it!?!? The results are in: there is NO WRONG WAY to wear ankle boots with jeans this fall. I think ALL styles and silhouettes work. Truly!

I will say some jean and ankle boot combos were more to my liking, but none of them looked ‘bad’ really. I liked them all! A few pairs got a tiny cuff at the bottom so they didn’t rub on the boot, but some pairs I just let fall on the boot too. So really… my advice: try lots of looks to get a feel for what you like, but in the end… there are no rules to what works and what doesn’t!

Here are 5 pairs of jeans I would wear with these ankle boots… I’m 5’4 for reference. 

(above) Shown with boot crop jeans
This pair of boot crop jeans has just a bit of a flare at the hem making them perfect for wearing with boots. If you are worried about your hem hitting the top of the boots this pair is ideal.
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(above) Shown with straight leg jeans
I cuffed just the hem of this pair to show a little bit of skin between the hem and and the boots. It ends up being the perfect length.
Shop the look: boots, jeans, sweater

(above) Shown with skinny jeans
Skinny jeans are still a great option with ankle boots. Instead of tucking in the hem to the boots I like them a little less ‘perfect’ looking with the hem bumping the top of the boots a bit. It’s not too styled and a little more modern look than how we used to tuck the jeans in. Note: I cut the hem on these jeans back when I originally bought them, the raw hem hits right above my ankle bone for reference.
Shop the look: jeansboots, tank, cardigan

(above) Shown with mom jeans
This is the ultimate modern look right now. Mom jeans are still very much on trend and worn with ankle boots it’s a modern and trendy look that is not a stretch at all to pull off. Paired with a button front top gives it a fun 90’s nod.
Shop the look: boots, jeans, striped top

(above) Shown with slim straight jeans
This slimmer straight leg jeans is the perfect mix between a trendy straight leg and a classic skinny jean. Again I did a tiny cuff of the hem to show a little skin here.
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style session: how to style clogs for fall!

 How do you feel about clogs? I wore them quite a bit maybe 10 years ago when they made a small resurgence in popularity. I remember wanting a pair so bad when they were super in style in the 90s if I remember correctly. I just LOVE the look of them and think they have such classic appeal.

I was VERY excited to see that they are popping up all over my favorite retailers for fall this year. Again, they are so classic and iconic which makes them irresistible in my opinion. I’m excited to style clogs this fall and try lots of fun outfits with them. 

I recently bought this pair of clogs and LOTS of you requested some styling ideas for them for fall… here are some early ideas and since I plan on wearing them a lot this season there will be more where this came from!

(above) With distressed straight leg jeans and an oversized sweater these clogs perfectly straddle the line of perfectly on trend and oh so classic. Sweaters and jeans are my fall go-to combo so slipping on a pair of clogs will make for an easy fall look.
Shop the look: sweater, jeansclogs, bag is Polene

(above) Mom jeans and a button cardigan are two big trends this fall. I just LOVE this combo and I’m counting down until the weather is cool enough to wear this look. Clogs give this look a very chic casual vibe that I love. 
Shop the look: sweater, jeansclogs, necklace & necklace

(above) They work for transitional summer to fall looks as well. I just LOVE them with white jeans and a preppy Oxford top. This look is so easy for everyday wear, running errands, work or zooms at home. 
Shop the look: top, jeansclogs, tote
(above) Clogs work well for a business casual look too! With a sweater blazer and skinny jeans they are perfect for a day in the office and mom duties after hours. 

style session: everlane utility jacket!

 I’ve been wearing this utility jacket from Everlane on repeat. I love that the color isn’t the usual army green color, this is more of a rusty brown. It’s a color that is surprisingly easy to style and I love that it’s a breath of fresh air in my closet. I’m in my usual size small here, which is maybe a touch oversized. If you are between sizes you could size down or if you wanted it a bit for fitted you could also go down a size. It’s lightweight and unlined but is the perfect weight for spring.  

I’ve found it’s so easy to throw over almost any outfit and today I’ve got six ways to style it that I think you will love… 

Outfit 1 (above)
Lightweight sweaters work great with this jacket, especially for the cooler spring days. I love this look for errands and working around the house.

Outfit 2 (above)
The sweater/jacket/jeans combo is definitely a go-to for me. I love this jacket paired with black, it looks so sharp.
Outfit 3 (above)
I’m never going to be over sweats! This wide leg sweatsuit looks and feels like a jumpsuit and it’s easy to throw a little jacket over top to dress it up!

Outfit 4 (above)
This jacket works great with an athleisure look too… it’s the perfect length with leggings!
Outfit 5 (above)
I love this jacket with white jeans too… it’s a great spring look. 

Outfit 6 (above)
Shorts season is coming! I love a little jacket with shorts for those chilly spring or summer mornings.

how to tuck or tie your shirt!

I often get questions how I tuck or tie my top so today I thought I would lay them out… plus, don’t miss the video of how I do each of these tucks and ties here! Whether you choose a front tuck, a side tuck or tie a t-shirt or a blouse, I always feel like a tuck or a tie feels a little more pulled together and completes a look nicely. Plus, tucks or ties work with joggers and leggings for more casual looks as well. Let’s take a look at some of my favorites…

Front Tuck (above)
I probably tuck my top in front more than any other way. It’s quick and simple and I only tuck about 30% of the front of the shirt so you get a little high/low look with the hem. It’s flattering since it defines the waist and works with t-shirts, blouses, sweaters or sweatshirts. Really, any top!

Side Tuck (above)
The side tuck works best when your top has a side slit in it or when you want to disguise the tummy area a little. It still draws attention to the waist without drawing attention to the tummy area. For this tuck I only take a small amount of fabric from the top I am wearing (enough to loop around my thumb) and tuck that small amount into the waistline of my jeans or leggings right above the pocket, or where the pocket would be if your pants don’t have pockets. It gives a nice waist definition and a little blousy look to the top/sweater.
Shown with: sweater (size down, runs big), jeansball necklacecompass necklacewatch band

Front Tie with a Button Front Blouse (above)
I love this look for spring or summer – it’s just so summery! Depending on how long your top is in front, I usually unbutton about 2 buttons or to right where my belly button hits. This works best with high waist jeans, joggers or leggings. Tie the two halves of the shirt into a little knot. I layer the knots twice. So tie it once and tie it again, so it stays put. Then loosen it or tighten it as needed to get a nice blouse-y look to top.

Front Tie with a Plain Front Top (above)
This is another favorite and it works particularly well with oversized tees or tanks to get some nice waist definition. This one can be tricky if the fabric is too thick. It works best with thinner fabric that is a little oversized. I gather the tee tight around my waist pulling the front out to prepare to knot it. Then I knot it as close to the body as I can.  After the knot is in place I can wiggle it a bit to loosen it. I like to wear the knot close to the body, but not super tight. Make sure you watch the video here to see how I do it and practice it a few times with different tops. I know I have some tops that this works better with than others.

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