fresh handbags for spring!

Today I’ve got a really fun handbag round up for spring… I’m looking to add a new (or maybe two!?!) handbag to my closet this spring. In general, I prefer to invest in handbags because I love to know they will last year and years instead of just a few seasons. Some of these bags are definite investment pieces while others are in the middle range. I made sure to include few great budget buys in todays round up as well. 

I love the simplicity of this brown suede tote and while it’s great for spring it’s also quite season-less. I was sure to include plenty of straw totes, since they are my absolute favorite for the warmer months. This straw/leather tote is more of an investment while this white straw tote is a super budget friendly find. This suede clutch and Chloe tote are two that are at the tippy top of my wishlist right now… they are both so beautiful! I think a quilted cream shoulder bag is so classic for the warmer months too!

second row, from left: straw/leather totebeige duffel bagsuede clutch 


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