how to tuck or tie your shirt!

I often get questions how I tuck or tie my top so today I thought I would lay them out… plus, don’t miss the video of how I do each of these tucks and ties here! Whether you choose a front tuck, a side tuck or tie a t-shirt or a blouse, I always feel like a tuck or a tie feels a little more pulled together and completes a look nicely. Plus, tucks or ties work with joggers and leggings for more casual looks as well. Let’s take a look at some of my favorites…

Front Tuck (above)
I probably tuck my top in front more than any other way. It’s quick and simple and I only tuck about 30% of the front of the shirt so you get a little high/low look with the hem. It’s flattering since it defines the waist and works with t-shirts, blouses, sweaters or sweatshirts. Really, any top!

Side Tuck (above)
The side tuck works best when your top has a side slit in it or when you want to disguise the tummy area a little. It still draws attention to the waist without drawing attention to the tummy area. For this tuck I only take a small amount of fabric from the top I am wearing (enough to loop around my thumb) and tuck that small amount into the waistline of my jeans or leggings right above the pocket, or where the pocket would be if your pants don’t have pockets. It gives a nice waist definition and a little blousy look to the top/sweater.
Shown with: sweater (size down, runs big), jeansball necklacecompass necklacewatch band

Front Tie with a Button Front Blouse (above)
I love this look for spring or summer – it’s just so summery! Depending on how long your top is in front, I usually unbutton about 2 buttons or to right where my belly button hits. This works best with high waist jeans, joggers or leggings. Tie the two halves of the shirt into a little knot. I layer the knots twice. So tie it once and tie it again, so it stays put. Then loosen it or tighten it as needed to get a nice blouse-y look to top.

Front Tie with a Plain Front Top (above)
This is another favorite and it works particularly well with oversized tees or tanks to get some nice waist definition. This one can be tricky if the fabric is too thick. It works best with thinner fabric that is a little oversized. I gather the tee tight around my waist pulling the front out to prepare to knot it. Then I knot it as close to the body as I can.  After the knot is in place I can wiggle it a bit to loosen it. I like to wear the knot close to the body, but not super tight. Make sure you watch the video here to see how I do it and practice it a few times with different tops. I know I have some tops that this works better with than others.

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