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Teens can be so difficult to buy for… they kind of want everything and nothing, you know? And of course, it’s hard to hit that perfect note of making it something that is practical that they will use and enjoy AND that has that “hip” vibe that shows them you are paying attention to what’s important to them. My kids are pretty keen to realizing when I bought them something that “I” thought they would like versus buying them something “the teen” actually wants. You know? And while I’m not above an uber practical gift like this hatch alarm clock (that will fingers-crossed make mornings easier) or this personalized Dopp kit for their sports bag or keeping extra items on hand in their locker… I always want to choose a few things that will surprise and delight them and say “I see you.” For any sneaker-head in your life this sneaker book is sure to speak your teenagers language. My son is obsessed with all things Tokyo right now so this lego architecture set will really get him excited.  After a tough year last year I plan on making him a personalized photo book with some fun memories from THIS year now that it’s back to mostly normal again. Trendy items like this Adidas sweatshirt and these crazy tie dye socks are always fun for teens. Lounge clothes like pj joggers and slippers are always under our tree for the kids since usually they have grown out of last years versions and it’s extra nice to have some new lounge pieces over the winter break. A lot of guys like grown up toys like this camera drone or a remote control car for a fun winter break activity with friends. And lastly, stocking my son up on cold weather gear is always a successful gift too… this ribbed hat and pullover jacket are his favorite outdoor brand.

I hope you find something for the teen boys in your life here!

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