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 Today’s post is a super fun one… we are talking COLD weather. And while I am one that doesn’t love cold weather, I do have to say… I’m here for cold weather fashion. Haha! Scarves and hats and boots and coats are some of my favorite pieces to shop for and when the cold weather strikes you really want to make sure you have the right clothing for it. After living in the midwest for my whole life and snowy Michigan for over half my life I’ve gotten pretty good at layers and keeping warm.

I thought it would be fun today pull together some cold weather inspiration a little early for those of you that might be booking cold weather travel. Wine tasting, leaf peeping, trips to the mountains or even a little early start on ski season is popular this time of year and I’ve got three looks perfect for those activities. Or if you just want to get an early start on winter shopping… that works too!

Stay tuned later this week for some travel inspiration for warm weather climates as well. Since that is also a very popular way to escape in the fall too… 

I am in LOVE with these boots! This look is perfect for a road trip to see leaves and stop at some of your favorite sights. I would wear this for a leaf peeping trip in Northern Michigan with a stop at our favorite brewery or lunch spot!

Wine tasting in the fall is so fun here in Michigan and I’m sure in other popular wine localities around the country. Or if you even brewery tours/stops. I love that this look is a little more dressed up but perfect for staying comfortable and warm.

Layers are key when the cold weather strikes! This look is perfect for antiquing and brunching with friends in the mountains. 

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