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Ahhhh, sweater season! My favorite season! I recently tried a few new sweaters from J.Crew… they are GORGEOUS and so fun for fall and I’m excited to share them here today. I will note that each option does have a percentage of wool in them, I am not sensitive to wool so I didn’t find them to be itchy at all. If you are sensitive to wool, just know that before you shop. Again, I didn’t find any of them to be uncomfortable or itchy but I know some of you are super sensitive to it. 

All these sweaters are so beautiful for fall and I just love how perfectly ‘J.Crew’ they are – so wearable, so classic! Let’s take a look… 

Sizing: I went with my usual size small.

Thoughts: The half zip sweaters is a super popular style this fall and I love that it’s both right on trend while still being super classic. It works with jeans or joggers (a great athleisure combo!) and I love how it layers with jackets too (shown below).

Sizing: True to size, I am in my usual size small.

Thoughts: This is an instant classic! Super soft and stretchy and I just love a good turtleneck for fall and winter. This one is available in SO many colors so there are lots of fun options and I love the boxy cut.

Sizing: I went with my usual size small.

Thoughts: This piece is SO beautiful in person. It’s a gorgeous dusty grey with a tiny little pleat at the shoulders for a feminine cut. This sweater is super soft and stretchy and while I usually go for more oversized sweaters I found this one to be perfectly fitted.

Sizing: I went with my usual size small and while I love the puff sleeves I think the torso is a little to fitted. I would have preferred a medium.

Thoughts: I adore the puff sleeves here, but the sizing on this one is off for me. It’s just too tight at my abdomen/stomach area. I prefer something that hides that spot a little more for me. But I love this color and the sleeves are just adorable.

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