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One of the biggest requests I always get is for office outfit inspiration. What to wear to the office is an age-old problem – right? I always struggled with it when I worked in a dressier office and even a casual office from time to time. I usually shy away from office wear content because I’m just not in that world anymore. But over the past two years, work wear has really been tipped on it’s head and has been entirely re worked. So many people are working from home still or are just returning to the office after a long break. 

I thought it would be a good time to at least attempt to pull together some office inspired looks. Last week I polled my followers on Instagram to ask what their office environment was like these days. The most common responses were as follows: “I need a nice top to wear for zooms” and “I can wear jeans but it has to be more pulled together than everyday jean outfits” and “I need creative looks for a creative office environment” and “my dress code is casual but I *want* to dress up more than in years past.”

Today I pulled together three fun and fresh office outfits that definitely bring the professional vibe to your day whether you are in the office or still at home on zooms.  Let’s take a look at the outfits…

(above) I love a wide leg pant for the office right now. This is SO CHIC and paired with a cozy sweater for fall it’s not too overly dressy. It’s the perfect combo of dressed up and down for fall. 

Shop the look: beige wide leg pants, suede heels, v-neck sweater, necklaces, logo tote

These cropped faux leather pants are so hip and fun. I love them with a beautiful blouse and flats. This is perfect for a creative office or for a office to happy hour look on Fridays.

If you are still working at home or have a casual office environment a simple denim and blouse combo can be dressed up with a blazer for a pulled together look.

Shop the look: dark jeans, ankle bootswhite blouse, herringbone blazer, suede tote

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