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Happy Tuesday that feels like a Monday… ugh! At least we are one day closer to the weekend already! Today I am rounding up a few random things that I am personally enjoying lately. A new candle that I’m obsessed with, the book I’m devouring right now and some pj pants that are life changing (or almost!)…


This Lake & Skye “11 11” candle was a birthday gift and it’s quickly become a favorite in our house. My husband loves it too. It’s hard to describe the scent but I would say it reminds me of gorgeous boutique hotel or a beach house straight out of a Serena and Lily catalogue. The scent is incredible and so unique too. 

I recently bought these wide leg sleep pants & jogger sleep pants because a few of my existing pj pants were in super rough shape. Can new pjs be life changing? I think maybe! These are super soft and lightweight and run a touch oversized. I went with my usual size as I don’t mind them having some extra room. I highly, highly recommend these!

It seems I’ve seen the book The Third Door mentioned EVERYWHERE these days. I just started it a few days ago and have already zoomed through over half of it. It’s a fun and quick read with lots of amazing insight. If you are an entrepreneur or a wanna be, you will love this book. I’m reading it on kindle but thinking of getting the hard copy too so I can dog ear pages and underline quotes.

I bought this sweatshirt for the same reason I recently stocked up on some new pjs. I had quite a few sweatshirts that were super ratty and needed to go. This one is so soft and perfectly oversized with a little bit of distressing. I loved it so much I bought two – which I rarely do! I got this creamy white and the black too. They are on serious repeat for end of day and weekend lounging.

This is by far my favorite mascara of all time. Beautycounter reformulated it’s mascara and got it SO SO right. It’s creamy and easy to apply and even one coat is enough for everyday wear. Or you can layer it up for a super big lash look. This is another item I can’t get enough of lately.

I just love wearing a little bit of jewelry lately after wearing almost none for 18 months. It feels so special! This necklace works great on it’s own or layered for a trendy look. It’s chunky but not heavy and I wear these almost everyday. I’m not big into earrings but I love this pair of hoop earrings – they are so small and petite it doesn’t feel like you are wearing anything but they are so pretty!

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