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I have some AWESOME  Amazon finds for your today. I go through streaks with Amazon and it’s seems like I’m on a hot one now. Also with back to school it seems like there are extra Amazon orders coming to our house for kids stuff, etc and I’m always guilty of throwing in a few things for myself on each order too. Eek – maybe I should be better about that. Either way, I’ve got some really great finds and you know, there is always one rogue in the group with Amazon too… let’s take a look at the pieces, it’s a pretty big round up today!

Sizing: The hat is one size, but it has a size adjuster on the inside which is easy to use to adjust it perfectly to your head size. Sweater runs a little small, I went up a size to medium for more room.

Thoughts: These are definitely the star of the show today… this sweater was a little wrinkly from the package when I eagerly tried it on, but trust me… it’s an instant fall staple! Super soft and cottony with NO itch and a gorgeous chunky knit, I instantly fell in love. I’m so excited for sweater weather. Let’s chat about this hat! This style seems to be everywhere for fall and the price is definitely right. It’s super affordable and cute and can be worn for warmth or sun shade or just for a fun accent piece all around town this fall, I’m thinking it will be great for sports events, the pumpkin patch and family fun around town on the weekends.

This little gem is another instant favorite. It’s a great size for around the house or the cupholder in the car and I just LOVE how many colors are available. I’ve been trying to eliminate plastics as much as I can, especially for everyday use items and this glass water bottle is perfect. I put in in the dishwasher but hand wash the wood top. My daughter loved it so much she requested one too! And I definitely think a new water bottle is great inspiration for drinking more water. It helps me, at least!

Sizing: I went up a size to a medium and it’s still small and fits weird. Also the neck is very tight.

Thoughts: I’m not a fan. You win some and you lose some on Amazon. This just isn’t for me. The fabric is soft and the color is beautiful but I’ll take a no-thank-you on this one.


My daughter wanted some of these and I have to admit I wanted some too! These remind me of high school and early college… I wore my hair in one of these almost every day! My daughter and I split the package… so there are more when you buy them. This was my fair share. I have to say, I’ve definitely been enjoying wearing them again!

I’m BIG into jewelry these days… after so long staying home, it feels extra fancy to wear some earrings or a necklace or bracelets. Even if I’m still at home or especially if I am leaving the house, I feel so much more pulled together.  This initial necklace set is SO good and so pretty on. Plus I love that it’s a set so it’s a real no-brainer. And these delicate hoop earrings look so high end, but are crazy affordable and so pretty. Both big winners here!

After my daughter saw some of these at Target included in a planner (she didn’t want the planner, just the stickers!) I searched Amazon for some and found the CUTEST planner and back to school stickers. These are SUCH a hot trend for teens and tweens right now and if it helps them get organized and feel good about learning after two nightmare school years, well, I’ll take it. I got the planner stickers for myself and the back to school stickers for my daughter (not shown, because they were immediately ferreted to her room – but trust me, they are adorable!). I highly recommend both!

Sizing: This is a men’s small. Fits like a women’s medium. Fits slightly long due to the mens sizing.

Thoughts: I was looking for a cable knit sweater on Amazon and this mens option came up in my search results. I took the risk and it’s a BIG WINNER. It’s super soft and cottony, with NO itch and I really can’t tell you how great this fabric is. It’s the perfect borrowed from the boys look. 

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