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 Today I am rounding up a few of my current favorite beauty items. Recently I’ve tried some new items and discovered new favorites and also have resisted some old favorites, remembering how much I love them. Today’s mix is some new and old… but all of them have been proven by me, I never talk about a beauty product until I’ve tried it thoroughly and decided I love it. I’m also super picky. I’ve tried some new items this summer that I didn’t care for either. Those I left off for brevity, my point is all of these items are the cream that rises to the top.

Let’s take a look…

Melting Body Balm – I have dry skin year round, but in the summer just more of it is showing. You know? Also shaving my legs constantly makes them SO dry. This balm smells amazing and is super thick and luxurious insuring that dry skin in tanks and shorts and dresses is a NON issue. It’s such a unique product and one I now count as a summer AND winter must have.
Summer Fridays Overtime Mask – I love a good face exfoliation in the summer. Sweat and sunscreen often leave my face feeling so gunky and in need of a deep clean. This scrub is JUST that. You scrub it on for a few minutes and then let it set for 10-15. I’ve noticed instant improvement in texture and glow when I use this mask and it’s even better when I use it a few times a week. 
Countersun Daily SPF – I don’t love wearing SPF. It’s definitely a necessary evil for me. But of all the SPF for face I’ve tried (and it’s a lot) this mineral formula is the most lightweight and sheer. It truly feels like I’m not wearing SPF at all, and that is just how I like it.
Lip Jelly lip gloss – these are the PERFECT summer glosses. I love lip gloss all year round, but these just feel like they shine (literally) in the summer. I love the light scent and pillowy soft finish for a fresh summer look.
True Botanicals Nutrient Mist – I’m not big into face mists but I tried this one earlier this spring and I really love it. I usually spritz on mid day for a refresh or as a final step to my skincare in the evening. It smells great and gives an instant glow.
Beautycounter Mascara – I’m a devoted safe skincare junkie. Mascara is a product in the safe beauty industry that has always been difficult for me. Finding a formulation that avoids potentially harmful ingredients AND truly performs well hasn’t been easy. This new mascara from Beautycounter is incredible! It truly works magic on my eyelashes!
KORA Noni Oil – I love a face oil, yes, even in the summer! This one gets super high ratings and I agree. It smells great, sinks into the skin without feeing greasy and the packaging is gorgeous too.  I went with the smaller size to test this product.
Cream Eyeshadows – I am no pro when it comes to makeup. I need SUPER simple products that are easy to use. Powder eye shadows always seemed challenging to apply and I never knew if I got it right. With these new cream shadows, they are so easy to apply I never worry if I put them on wrong. Plus you can layer them for a subtle or bold look. Colors shown: Gleam, Luster, Sepia

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