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Today on the blog I have some great recent finds from Madewell. A few of these are items I got for our recent vacation and are very summery a few are more transitional pieces. I don’t think my wardrobe is exactly ready for transitional wear (transitional wear are items that take you from one season to the next… so here from summer to fall) yet seeing as the weather is still very, very warm here in Michigan. I’m loving summer weather and not ready to jump to fall yet… but as far as shopping, fall is definitely on my mind more since the summer season fashion-wise is definitely coming to an end.Ā 

Let’s take a look at some of my finds… as usual, there were some winners and losers! šŸ˜‰

Sizing: True to size, I’m in my usual size small.

Thoughts: I just love this shoulder cut sleeve. It’s super flattering on the arm. You now I just LOVE a stripe and it’s actually not easy to find a great red stripe. This one is so classic and fun for summer. While t the fashion industry is thinking fall these days, I’m all about living in the moment of summer still. There is plenty of sun and fun left this summer!

Sizing: True to size. I’m in my usual size small.

Thoughts: I just LOVE a summer sweater. These are perfect for work at home days, chilly summer nights or a rainy day. Some days I just don’t want to wear a tank or tee… am I alone? Any way, this sweater is super lightweight and airy and I love the oversized pocket detail (which is a little hard to see here, but check it out online!).

Shown with: shorts (on sale! run a little big, I went with my usual size for a roomier fit), sandals (on sale!)

Sizing: I’m in my usual size small. It runs a touch big. You could go down a size if you wanted a closer fit or if you are between sizes.

Thoughts: I LOVE this tank and I’ve been wearing it a lot lately. The bright blue is so fun, but there are lots of color options. This is such a great staple for summer since it’s so lightweight and a tank, but also a great seasonal transition piece with cardigans, jackets or blazers.

Sizing: Runs a little oversized, but I’m in my usual size small.

Thoughts: This is definitely more of a fall piece… sorry in advance! But I just LOVE this sweater. Wow. It’s so cute. It’s definitely a sweater but feels also a little like sweatshirt. It works great with jeans, but would be fun in a more athleisure look with joggers too. The puff sleeves are so fun too. All around a big winner here… minus that it won’t be cool enough to wear it for a while. šŸ˜‰

Sizing: I’m in my usual size small.

Thoughts: I really like this tank, but it’s cuts in so much at the arms that my bra shows so it’s a no-go for me. Which is sad! This is a great piece for layering or for wearing on it’s own. I put it with leggings but for hot days it’s great with shorts too. Hit me up if you have a bra suggestion for this one… I’m just wearing my usual True & co bra here.

Sizing: These run big. I’m usually between 6.5/7 and I went with the 7 and they are too big. I would go down a half size.

Thoughts: These are really fun for summer/early fall. Man I love the feeling of a new pair of sneakers, I’m so sad this pair didn’t fit me. I love the creamy white – it’s a mix of suede and canvas – and the chunky heel with the brown treads is so cool. I just love these but sadly have to send them back for fit… I may reorder in a different size. I’m still deciding.

Sizing: True to size, I’m in my usual size small.

Thoughts: I just love the fabric of this sweatshirt, it’s very soft and lightweight for summer but for me it’s way too cropped. I don’t mind a little cropped, but I think this one is too short. You could attempt going up a size for a longer cut, but not sure if that would work. I showed it here with a tank underneath it, so that works too. But in the end, it’s a no for me.

Sizing: True to size. I’m in my usual size small.

Thoughts: I just adore this dress and I wore it on vacation a few times and once since I’ve been home too. It’s super comfortable and the rib fabric is form fitting but not clingy. I can’t say enough good things about this dress. As we move to fall or for chilly days/nights it would work great with a denim jacket, blazer or utility jacket too.

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