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If you follow me over on Instagram you will know that I usually document my daily outfits over there in Stories. I don’t post everyday, but many days a week I try to snap a quick photo of what I am wearing that day. It’s a good mix of everything from rainy days to sunny days, slow summer days around the house or those go-go-go days. It’s always a good snapshot of my mood and my mom-life and of course, there’s often junk on the dining room table and dog toys in the background. It’s not super staged or made to look ultra pretty, but instead a real glimpse into my daily life. 

Today I rounded up 14 of those looks… my days are mostly filled with driving kids around, working from home, running errands and the like. I realized I wear jeans or dresses most week days – when I am home more – and tend towards shorts on the weekend – when I am outdoors more. Hopefully these will give you some good ideas for outfits if you are feeling stuck with your summer wardrobe…

(above) Perfect for those super hot days, when you still need an extra layer in the AC. These shorts and this tee are super lightweight and great for hot weather.

(above) I love an easy button front top for summer. It’s a light layer that works both when it’s warm outside and cool inside. This is the perfect work from home look mixed with running some errands. 

(above) Linen is my best friend in the summer. It’s so comfortable, always looks pulled together and works for errands, appointments and hoping on a zoom. 

(above) What to wear when the weather looks iffy but you’ve got to be out and about? I wore this to my sons track banquet as rain loomed in the distance. Thankfully we stayed dry but a simple tank dress and these flip flop style Birks work rain or shine!

(above) Maybe you are noticing a trend… jeans, cute top & sandals are my summer go to. It’s definitely what I feel most comfortable in. This swingy top is super affordable and cute!

(above) We’ve been patio dining as much as possible these days and sometimes it can get a touch chilly in the evenings. I love this linen top because if you are sitting in the sun you can roll up the sleeves and if you are in the shade you’ve got a little extra coverage. With flare crop jeans it’s a cute and easy look!

(above) I’m not wearing leggings as much these days, but some days just call for it. Wow! I forgot how delightful they are… this outfit was a favorite. These drapey tees are so easy to wear and look great with everything!

(above) I’m a big fan of the short sweatsuit. This one is so comfy and soft for lounging but also works for errands or carpool too. I put a tee underneath the sweatshirt for cooler moments.

Shop the look: shorts (run big, go down a size), sweatshirt (true to size), tee (true to size)

(above) Throwing on a dress is as easy as it gets for a busy summer day. This empire waist dress is super soft and comfortable and looks pulled together for whatever the day holds.

(above) A rare summer day that calls for layers is a-okay in my book. I love this lightweight striped sweatshirt and it layers well with a jacket too (as needed!).

(above) You really can’t go wrong with a t-shirt dress. It’s summer-cozy and errand or lounging ready for whatever the day holds. 

(above) This slightly cropped tank is a nice thick material that looks pulled together but is super easy to wear. I love it with white jeans and Birks for all the summer mom-duties. 

(above) We recently went to a baseball game with another family. It was so fun and so hot! Thankfully our seats were in the shade after not too long, but this outfit was perfect for a super hot night. I didn’t end up needing the sweater on my shoulders and this tank and linen short combo kept me nice and cool. 

(above) I think I wear more black in the summer than any other time. I simple black t-shirt always feels pulled together and easy with jeans. 

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