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Sunscreen and SPF is a love/hate relationship for me… of course I love it for keeping my skin safe and healthy and looking young. But A LOT of sunscreens just don’t work for my skin. Whether it’s for my face or my body, my skin has had adverse reactions to SPF in the past and same with daughter. So when I shop for sunscreen I am very, very picky. Plus, it’s important to me that our sunscreen be safe from potentially harmful ingredients and to be reef safe. We don’t always swim in the ocean, but when we do I don’t want it to be harmful to the aquatic life and so across the board we choose reef safe products.

Today I’m sharing the sunscreens our family loves best and why.

Sun Bum

Spray SPF – I know that sprays aren’t always the best, but for myself and my teens it’s easy to apply and does that job. We LOVE Sun Bum because it smells great and works great. (Note: I do not know why this is only SPF15 – I do not recommend 15, I must have purchased it by accident. In general we wear SPF30.)
Cool Down – It never fails someone gets a little sunburn at some point on vacation or over the summer. This after sun lotion truly works! It feels great on the skin and helps calm it after a day in the sun.


Spray SPF – This is by far my most favorite sunscreen. It smells incredible and feels so smooth on the skin. Unfortunately it’s very expensive. So I only grab it on sale and often times won’t share it with my family. (haha – they don’t mind though! Promise.)
Face SPF – My daughter’s face is super sensitive to sunscreen. Over the years we have had chapped skin, cracked skin or tons of pain and stinging from different SPFs. As a mom, it feels so helpless because we can’t have her face in pain from a product OR sunburn. We have literally tried EVERYTHING and realized that mineral sunscreens do not work on her. At all. Even on her body. This face SPF has gentle ingredients and it works.


Body SPF – For mineral sunscreens (which are the safest and usually have the best coverage) I like to go with creams and not sprays. This one is nice and thick and works great all over the body. We like to use it on the spots that get easily burned like shoulders since it goes on thick you know you didn’t miss a spot.
Face SPF – This goes on sheer and creamy and hardly feels like sunscreen to me. Which is just how I like sunscreen! Plus it works great on it’s own or layers well under makeup.
Stick SPF – This is great for toddlers and little kids since it’s easy to apply, but my husband and kids like it too. When it comes to sunscreen, the easier the better… right!?!?

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