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I rarely resolve to work out more for the New Year, but I am more inspired to stock up on a few new pieces for my fitness wardrobe in the dead of the winter. It’s a small sliver of joy. This year I am resolving to WALK more which unfortunately involves the treadmill… I would love to be able to do it outside but the weather doesn’t usually play along this time of year. Walking is so refreshing for me and I always feel my best when I’m getting my 10,000 steps regularly. 2020 taught me to walk out the stress and the tension and it’s not only good for your body… it’s been amazing for my mind too. I’ll blast music or listen to a podcast or sometimes just tune into nature (when outside) and just leave the problems of the world behind. 

But whether you are walking more, meeting up with friends as accountability partners or just staying with your usual fitness schedule… some new workout outfits always make the process a little more fun! Here are some really fun looks I pulled together – I hope you find some inspiration here!

(above) Joggers and cozy layers make for the perfect running around town look… or to meet with your new workout buddy to start the year right! 

(above) Go BOLD in bright pinks and a monochrome look to get motivated to feel your best by spring! I love this ensemble… so cute! 

(above) Chic and sleek this fun look is perfect for meeting a bestie for a walk or hitting up some low intensity yoga to start the year on a zen note. 

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