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 I will be the first to admit that YES, I am shocked that I fell in love with a pair of velcro sneakers… but this is where I am at right now guys. I had seem them on a few other gals and wondered if I could pull them off. When they arrived I realized ‘hey, these are pretty cute in person’ and when I tried them on, it was love at first sight. I love that they are so modern and of the moment… trendy sneakers just keep going and going as far as trends go, and I am here for it. 

This pair also runs a touch small for Veja sneakers. Which for me works really well because many of the Veja styles I’ve tried (I think I’ve tried seriously EVERY pair) seem to run big. I’m between a 6.5/7 and this pair is a 37. I also wear size 37 in Golden Goose and Birkenstocks. That’s how I know Veja run a little big because I’ve had other brands in size 37 fit great and many styles of the Veja don’t. This pair fits JUST right. Here I styled them into 6 outfits I love – they make me feel *much* cooler than I actually am, so I’m really feeling myself over here. Haha! Also, while other Veja styles can be very stiff or take a while to break in, I was pleasantly surprised that this pair is very comfortable right out of the box.


(above) Look 1

Simple classics like a striped button front top and sweater blazer are right on trend paired with these sneakers.

(above) Look 2

Sneakers and joggers are always a good idea. I love to throw in a slouchy sweater for a more pulled together athleisure look. 

(above) Look 3

Jeans and a button front top are such a quick and easy way to feel pulled together – paired with sneakers it makes for an easy everyday mom look.

(above) Look 4

I can’t wait until we can start wearing short sleeves again! These sneakers work great with spring looks too!

(above) Look 5

A sweatshirt and denim combo is always my favorite… it’s perfect to pair with sneakers too!

(above) Look 6

White jeans season is my favorite season… I’m waiting for some of the messy snow to melt before I officially dive in, but I love these sneakers with white jeans too!

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