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 Today I’m rounding up a few items I recently purchased and am loving. A few work for now but many of them are looking forward to spring or spring break. Even though we are still knee deep in winter weather I just can’t justify buying anymore winter pieces… ugh, I love my winter clothes but I’m so ready to be done with them! Let’s take a look at the pieces… 

cream woven bag, I’ve had this bag on my wishlist for a while now. The cream keeps selling out but I found it in stock for you. It’s the perfect spring sports, picnic, beach/pool, haul everything tote. I’ve also heard it’s machine washable… bonus!

pearl sandals, these are so beautiful in person and believe me will be the first thing I pack for spring break, I can’t wait to wear them as the weather warms!

velcro sneakers, I’ve been living in these lately. I’m having problems with my foot and I love that these are super chic and stylish while also being very comfortable. It’s like the best I could ask for!

relaxed denim shorts, I love to kick off the spring season with a new pair of denim shorts. This pair is perfectly relaxed and slouchy and fit so great. The denim is no stretch so they really have that designer look to them without the price tag. (these run big, I went with my smaller size)

coin necklace, I’m having a major moment with necklaces and while I usually go for more delicate options I’ve really been drawn to the more chunky necklaces lately. This one is so chic and goes with everything. You can wear it on it’s own or layered.

black belted dress, this dress is simple and stylish and I love that it’s super classic and easy to wear and also crazy affordable. I plan to absolutely live in dresses when the weather allows… I can’t wait. (true to size)

black blouse, another super simple and classic piece that feels expensive but is actually super affordable. I love this one! (true to size)

green shorts, I don’t love shorts but also they can be necessary for the super warm days. This pair is SO flattering. The perfect length and a high waist that really works well. (these run big, I went with my smaller size)

beige sweater, I’m so over my bulky wool sweaters… this cotton blend sweater is unbelievably soft and fluffy like a pillow in a really good way. It’s the perfect lighter weight sweater to transition to spring.

white demi boot crop jeans, I’m so ready for white jeans on the regular. I previously owned this pair and absolutely ran them into the ground after a few years… I’m so glad this style is back because I just snagged them again!

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