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 Easter is on the horizon and I’m so thankful it’s a little later in the year this year. It often falls during spring break, so it’s nice to have the two events separate this year. I can’t resist making Easter baskets for my kids no matter how old they are – I’ll probably do it the rest of their lives! – and it’s so fun putting together some teen baskets. New socks (cheesy, I know!) are always a good idea and truly my teens’ socks get so dirty (how!?) that they are always practical and a little indulgent too. Some fresh cologne or perfume is always fun and small toiletries like lip gloss or chapsticks are other great items that walk the line of practical and a fun treat too. My son loves these joggers and my daughter is always in the mood for some new leggings, so those are fun to throw in as well. Both my kids love these birkenstocks which are really affordable and come in so many fun colors. They are super comfortable too. For Christmas I got them these monogrammed zipper pouches and they are so fun and practical for chargers, toiletries, snacks, sports bags, etc. There will also be plenty of candy and sugary treats from the Easter bunny too!

gals: lavender birkenstocks, stripe socks, marc jacobs perfume set, strawberry lip balm, pink leggings, Olive & June nails

both: zipper pouches

guys: olive green birkenstocks, polo sock set, replica cologne mini, lip balm trio, joggers, pop socket wallet

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