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Feminine Dolly Look

Here are some outfits which portrays a doll feminine look which is ideal for occasions like
going out on a date or having a tea part with your girlfriends.❤️

Website: www.milkcocoa.co.kr

Pink MORE sweatshirt with checkered mini skirt

Blue lace blouse, black mini skirt and high knee stockings. 

Ribbon dress with black heels
White lace dress with red flats

Beige long sleeve shirt with pink lace mini skirt
Purple checkered shirt, navy skirt with blue ribbon flats

Lace blouse, pink mini skirt and beige heels

White lace blouse, black mini skirt and black chain bag

Pastel checkered shirt, denim mini skirt and black sandals

Pink sweat shirt, white skirt and pink flats

Red lace dress and high knee boots

Red flower patterned dress and black ankle boots

Black dress with white long sleeve shirt

Pink flower patterned blouse, pink skirt and pink high heels

Blue chiffon dress with blue flats

Pastel colored knit, white skirt and blue high heels

Pink MORE sweatshirt, checkered skirt and black sneakers

Dark navy chiffon dress and black loafer heels

Blue sleeveless top with cardigan and flower patterned skirt

White ribbon blouse, grey mini skirt and black ankle boots

Pink lace blouse, flower patterned skirt and brown flats

Green flower patterned mini dress, denim skirt and green flats

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