Korean Street Fashion July 2021

                                                              Korean Street Fashion July 2021

Hey everyone! Check out street fashion styles taken in streets of Seoul Korea.

Most fashion peeps are wearing masks due to COVID19😷

Black crop top with jogger pants and white sneakers. 

Grey vest with black mini skirt and lace up boots.

White mini dress with boots. 

Cropped black t-shirt with mini skirt and converse red sneakers,

Taidai pattern crop top with white wide slacks/pants.

White crop top with denim shorts and knee high boots.

White singlet top with pink trousers and white sneakers.

Black singlet with taidai pattern skirt and boots. 

White t-shirt with black skinny jeans and black sneakers. 

Black singlet with cardigan and wide white pants. 

Leopard sleeve crop top with beige mini skirt and black boots.

Grey crop cardigan with black mini skirt.

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