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 I always get SO excited for Madewell’s fall new arrivals. They do fall SO well and I always love their sweaters and jeans. Today I’ve got some really great staples for fall that I can’t wait to show you. We are in one more warm burst of weather, but it looks like after this little stretch we should be in some prime fall weather. I can’t wait to dive into sweaters and jackets and layers… 

Let’s take a look at some of the pieces I found and my honest thoughts on them…

I will say in advance that I ordered these fatigue pants and they just didn’t work. They are very oversized and didn’t fit and even if they did fit aren’t a super flattering cut for me personally. I never know whether or not to include the “flops” but for today’s post I just didn’t feel like including them.

military shirt jacket (above & below)
Sizing: Runs big, I went down a size to XS.
Thoughts: I thought this was more of a jacket with a cinched waist… which is hilarious because it’s actually called a “shirt jacket” and I missed that somehow. I don’t love the shirt jacket trend because I like a more defined waist with this style of jacket. But despite all that (user error!) I actually like it. I still need to decide if I would wear it enough without a defined waist. I really like the overall fit though. It’s a little oversized and works great for layering.
Shown with: sweaterjeans, clogs

Sizing: Sweater is true to size, I’m in my usual size small. Jeans run big, I went down a size.
Thoughts: This sweater is such a classic Madewell piece. It’s a great early fall staple in a gorgeous textured knit. It’s the perfect weight too, not too light but not heavy either. It’s also NO itch because it has no wool. Let’s talk about these jeans… I got these earlier this summer and I LOVE them so they are worth mentioning again. They are the perfect straight leg jeans if you are new to straight leg jeans. They feel like skinny jeans with just a tiny straight leg opening so they are very easy to wear. I highly recommend both these pieces.
Shown with: clogs

alpaca cardigan & demi boot jeans (above & below)
Sizing: Sweater runs big, I went down a size to XS. Jeans run big, I went down a size.
Thoughts: This sweater is SO dreamy. I’m obsessed. The fabric is so soft and airy but warm and the buttons are so pretty. I just adore this look for fall. These jeans I LOVE. The wash is great and I like the distressed hem. There are a few things I’m deciding if I like (haha!) the length is longer which I know is a little more on trend but as a shorter person (5’4) I am still deciding if that works for me and secondly they don’t have much stretch. I realllllly love a stretch jean so I have to decide if these will work for me without the stretch.
Shown with: clogs

cream cardigan (above & below)
Sizing: True to size, I’m in my usual size small.
Thoughts: Madewell does cardigans SO well. This one is gorgeous with the tortoise buttons and a nice side slit. The fabric is super unique, it’s a thinner knit that feels a little like sweatshirt. It’s very soft and stretchy. This is a great fall staple and not too thick if you live somewhere where it’s warmer.
Shown with: jeans, tankclogs

Sizing: These jeans run big with lots of stretch. I went down to my smaller size.
Thoughts: After striking out with the distressed pair of jeans in this post I reordered this pair and LOVE them. They are super stretchy but also flattering and the tiny flare at the bottom is perfectly modern without being overly trendy. I adore these jeans!

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