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 I’ve got a great Amazon round up today… I’ve ordered a few things here and there for the house or for myself and thought I would round them all up for you today! There are some really great gems here. I haven’t ordered a lot of home items from Amazon, but WOW there are SO many great home decor pieces available on Amazon. It’s really easy (and fun!) to go down a rabbit hole and get totally lost in some super unique pieces. I love that so much of it is really affordable and also so unique. 

There is a mix of home goods and some accessories here… let’s take a look!

(above & below) wood bowl
This wood bowl is perfect for holding remotes on the coffee table or for keys at the back door. It’s so beautiful in person!
Also shown: table, sofa, pillow & pillow

This is a very close option if you love the more expensive Truffle bags. There are a few differences from the one I own – this one is a little bigger, with a handle and slightly stiffer leather. Overall, it’s gorgeous and it’s a true Amazon gem. I’m gong to snag a few more of these!

(above) tea towels
My kids DESTROY kitchen towels… any one else!?!? Haha. Post-pandemic with them having spent WAY too much time at home over the past year I need to replace a lot of things (the carpet comes to mind!) but these are a small way to freshen up the kitchen for spring.

I just LOVE delicate bracelets on other gals I see on Instagram but they can be expensive and I was worried they would just tangle really bad. I snagged this set for super inexpensive to give the trend a try. I’m happy to report that they don’t tangle (doesn’t that seem like a miracle?) and I’ve worn them almost every day since I bought them. I love the way they look!

My cookbooks haven’t really had a place to sit out in this house since we moved here. I finally had an aha moment to put them on the shelves in the entry way since they are so pretty – but needed bookends. These are solid marble (or seem to be!?!? they are super heavy) and were such a great price.

(above) gauze blanket
I have wanted one of these for so long! Target had one that kept selling out and a few very expensive brands have a similar option but I wasn’t up for spending that much. This one is super affordable and soft. The dog loves curling up on it and it’s the perfect lightweight for a little summer afternoon nap. (all bedroom sources are linked here)

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