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Today I’m rounding up some recent Amazon finds I am loving. From a new favorite sun hat to a great organizing product to outdoor items… it’s all here. Not pictured is this new expanding garden hose which is great for small spaces. We have quite a small outdoor living area and we had a HUGE hose out there taking up a ton of space. This one is nice and compact but expands when in use. I also bought this outdoor firewood rack since our wood for the solo stove was getting messy. This way it’s not sitting on the ground if it rains and it looks so much more tidy too. Also not shown are these ankle socks – I love a really thick sock for tennis and it’s hard to find really supportive thick socks that also don’t cost a fortune. My daughter loves these too… so I’ve already ordered them twice!

Okay… now let’s take a look at some new favorites!

(above) sun hat
I LOVE this sun hat. I also own this hat by the same brand and both are such high quality for an amazing price. They pack well and never look rumpled and they can get wet too (I try not to get mine wet but hey – it happens at the beach or pool!). I love the leather-look belt on this one… I highly recommend.
Shown with: sweater, shorts
(above & below) decorative glass beads
File under things that are totally not necessary but that make me happy! These beads are gorgeous and really are frivolous and unnecessary – but I’m a big fan. They bring a nice touch of color and texture to this little entry way table.

Hobnail glasses keep catching my eye, but every time I went to shop them they were plastic – which is great for outdoor entertaining but I wanted something more for indoors and longer lasting. I found these gorgeous glass hobnail drinking glasses and they are a great price and so beautiful in person! I’ve been sipping iced tea and even a cocktail out of them recently. 

(above & below) hanging woven baskets
I craved a little refresh in our bathroom recently and replaced some framed art for these woven baskets on the wall. The framed art will find a new spot in the house (the frames need to be replaced) and in it’s place I love this more minimal and trendier look with the baskets. They were super easy to hang, I simply did a nail straight through the center into the drywall. They are very lightweight so I only used small picture frame nails. I love the fresh and modern feel.

(above & below) tea organizer
Tea or coffee? For me it’s tea! And while I don’t drink a ton of tea in the summer (minus iced tea) my tea drawer was super messy until I snagged these organizers. It’s so much tidier than having a bunch of tea in boxes that are half empty. Plus, now I can see how many tea packets I have without going through tons of boxes. This is a tea lovers dream!
Shown with: SMEG tea kettle

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