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Today I’m answering some of YOUR questions recently… from sneakers, to jeans, to warm sherpa options for fall… let’s dig into your questions!

Q. I’m looking for simple white sneakers that go with jeans and leggings/joggers?

A. There are SO many fun options… here are some that I love for both casual with jeans and more athleisure looks with leggings and joggers. I included all price points so there is truly something here for everyone!

Q. I’m feeling hesitant about making the jump from skinny jeans to straight leg jeans. Which styles should I try? 

A. I have three recommendations that won’t feel like a huge jump in styles but that are also still right on trend. The stovepipe jeans are a very slim straight jean with lots of stretch, they are basically the perfect baby step from skinny jeans. The demi boot crop are another great option. They fit like a skinny jean on the top with a small little flare at the ankle which is so cute with flats and sneakers. Finally, if you want to try a true straight leg jean that is still really easy to wear I recommend the perfect vintage. They are super flattering and comfortable and perfectly modern.

Q. I’m looking for a new sherpa for fall? What cute styles have you seen around?

A. There are SO many and boy, do I love a sherpa. Here are my favorites!

Q. After having babies I need to start my closet over from scratch. I’ve gotten rid of lots of items but what should I add back in?

A. This is so common and you aren’t alone! I had the same experience after I had my kids. I had been pregnant off and on for three years and then transitioned from working full time to staying at home full time. I highly recommend starting a Pinterest board and seeing what styles you are drawn to and use those cues to start. I also highly recommend checking out my Capsule Collections for pieces that mix and match well and also lots of ideas on how to style those pieces. You can see the September capsule here and the October capsule here.

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