wear to where: cold winter days!

Baby it’s cold outside! I’m back in winter boots again for dog walks, errands and every time I leave the house basically! I would much rather a cute pair of flats or some comfy sneakers but it’s been bitterly cold and snowy here, so there isn’t much of a choice.

I’ve had a lot of questions about what to wear with snow boots since there are so many denim styles these days. It’s true that really only skinny jeans or leggings work well with snow boots. If you’ve seen some other cute ways to style boots, send them to me! But practically speaking I can’t see another way. I had straight leg jeans on the other day and needed to take my dog for a quick walk and yes, I could tuck them into my boots, but it was very awkward. Here are some very cute ways to style some winter boots that I am loving this season…

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