wear to where: spring sports sidelines!

Spring sports are in FULL SWING in my house. Oh my word does my calendar look scary these days… kidding, kind of. I’m happy to get back out the fields/courts to cheer on my kids and always try to look pulled together but casual. Right now I’m still wearing winter coats to events but by next week we should finally be in full swing warmer weather and I can’t wait to wear some cute looks on the sidelines. 

Today I pulled together 3 simple but pulled together looks for the sidelines this spring…

(above) I love how easy a tank dress is for warm weather. You can add a jacket if needed and sneakers make it easy for schlepping coolers and stadium chairs all around.

(above) Jeans and sweatshirts are my go-to for spring sports. This bag is so cute and it’s actually a cooler bag! Great for cold drinks or orange wedges… šŸ˜‰

(above) This mama sweatshirt is adorable and I love it paired with a big tote and easy denim shorts.

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