what to pack: summer vacation!

I know I am SUPER excited for a family vacation this summer… I think many people feel the same right about now. Our family is ready to shed the stress of this past school year and spend some quality time together at the beach. We are literally counting down the days in our house… not kidding, the countdown is on our white board! When I pack for a trip to the beach I like to pack as minimally as possible since I plan to spend most of my time in a swimsuit and the rest of the time in a cute outfit for dinner. To keep things simple I always pick a compact color scheme. For this packing inspiration I chose pink and blue with a few light blues and a few dark blues. Keeping with a color scheme keeps everything easy to mix and match and then I like to chose pieces that can serve multiple purposes… a dress can be for dinner or for over a swimsuit. A linen blouse can same, be worn for brunch reservations or as a swim cover up when your skin needs a break from the sun. I usually try to pack one larger tote for beach or shopping and a smaller clutch to put in and out of the beach bag or on it’s own for dinner. 

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