winter boots round up!

 I’ve had LOTS of requests for a post on winter boots. Since I spend a lot of time wearing them (when I would much rather be wearing cute flats!) for Michigan winters I definitely have some all time favorites. These Uggs, this pair of Sorel and these wedges (although mine are a little different because they are a few years old) are my three go-to pairs. For walking the dog to errands, to just really really snowy days when there are no other options.  All three of those pairs are warm and comfortable and both pairs of Sorel’s are waterproof – which is very important! I put an asterisk* next to the pairs I own… all other boots featured are either because they are a reputable brand for keeping you warm or they are very attractive as far as boots go.

This season there are TONS of options and so many of them are just darling. I view boots as an investment and really don’t mind paying extra for them. If you’ve walked a dog in the snow, taken kids sledding, lived through 100 inches of snow in a season or have stood for hours on end at a ski meet… you know. I just don’t mess around with any brands that aren’t super legit in the boot world. It stinks that boots can be so expensive, but I will also say that I have so many pairs that are 5-6 years old and are still in great condition and get great wear every year, so they are truly an investment for this winter and future winters.

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