winter must haves!

Winter is here and I’m already freaking out a bit. Gosh, it’s so cold and gloomy. Today I thought I would round up my winter must haves since we are in it for the long haul from here on out. With boots and big sweaters I’m back to wearing skinny jeans more regularly. One because straight leg jeans don’t work as well with boots and two with big cozy sweaters and coats, skinny jeans or leggings just feel like better proportions on my body. I’m still wearing my straight leg jeans here and there and don’t feel like one is superior to the other… but skinny jeans and leggings (versus joggers and straight leg jeans) are just so much more practical for the colder months in my opinion. I’m still wearing my sneakers as much as possible on milder days or when there isn’t snow on the ground (it seems to come and go and come and go). I don’t mind a cold ankle if it means I can ditch the boots for a day. While I try to feel as pulled together as possible each day I never shy away from athleisure in the winter, leggings and sweatshirts are such a cozy and comfortable option. Oftentimes, comfort on a particularly miserable day weather wise is just the kind of self care I need. And I always have plenty of hats, scarves and cozy socks around too. Here I linked some of my long time favorites. If you can’t already tell, winter is definitely survival mode for me… I’m just not a winter-lover and struggle with the constant cloudy weather and cabin fever. Clothing, or the “right” clothing, actually helps with the winter blues for me. When I am warm and comfortable I’m much better equipped to face the day (or the weather, really)!

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